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Over the past decade, online commerce, mobile applications and social networks have integrated our lives and habits.

Your company can take advantage of these technologies to gain competitiveness (e.g. digital quotes and invoices, stock/inventory and document management, digital marketing, online sales, helpdesk support with chat bots ...). Our simple, functional and scalable business model enables us to provide this technology to SMEs with a minimal investment.


We have a large international experience in establishing small to multi-million euros strategies that have enabled Businesses to grow while adapting their IT plans and costs to their intended business vision. 

Whether a start-up, small or well-established firm, if you are looking to establish a new or review an existing IT Strategy to align it with your Business Objectives, or if you simply want a quick and efficient feedback from an external party, do not hesitate to contact us.

Transition Management

In recent years, Transition Management has taken many forms. Some call an ad-interim CxO as a Transition Manager, others use this term when a company acquires another one and processes/systems need to be aligned, and it is also used when you move from an old system to a new one. No matter which of the previous apply to you, we assign specialists to companies to successfully handle the anticipated changes, roll them out and monitor them while mitigating risks.

Digitize your business with 5000 € of offered state aids

If you wish to take advantage of digitizationthe Ministry of Economy, in collaboration with ELIAS Luxembourg, offers free of charge a 360° diagnosis of your company worth € 5000.

In addition, we have set an offer dedicated to small companies to go digital for less than 10K€.

Our Approach

We help you define a well-suited strategy and implement it collaboratively for its intended purpose:

  • We start with a 360° analysis covering finance, quotations, invoices, CRM, sales, stock, revenue model, marketing, IT infrastructure, security, software...

  • Together, we define a straightforward and efficient strategy that is well-aligned with your business objectives

  • We follow an iterative roadmap with clear Return on Investment identified for each asset of every short iteration.


Each step of the way is fit for purpose, adapted to your needs, to your budget and to the adequate standards.

Our approach is no non-sense.